At HELIOs Power, our passion lies in challenging the conventional. Our
groundbreaking High-Impedance Transformer technology aims to
revolutionize the energy consumption patterns of commercial and
industrial structures worldwide.

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Justin Richardson

Founder +CEO

With roots deeply embedded in finance and manufacturing, Justin Richardson has always had an eye for innovation. Currently a driving force at Pacific Transformer Corporation, he's been pivotal in catapulting it to be one of the largest custom magnetics manufacturers in the nation. Wearing multiple hats – from operations to his main role as CFO – he ensures all gears of the company run in perfect harmony. As the President and CEO of HELIOS Power, Justin embarks on a mission to change the very fabric of how the world perceives and uses power.


David Zomorrodian

Engineering Manager

Boasting over a quarter-century of experience, David is a linchpin in the field of magnetic components. With a rich background embellished with a Masters in Industrial Engineering, David has been the cornerstone of many successful projects. His vast knowledge spans from designing custom transformers to understanding international standards like UL, IEC, CSA, and more. David's hands-on approach to problem-solving, combined with his leadership skills, makes him an invaluable asset to HELIOS Power.

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