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Distribution Transformers Have Had Zero Innovation. Until Now

Helios Power is revolutionizing the industry with its patented high-impedance distribution transformers, slashing no-load condition losses by over 99% and significantly boosting energy efficiency. These transformers are not just about reducing power consumption; they redefine power distribution with superior connectivity and real-time monitoring, ensuring operational integrity and efficiency. They are equipped with advanced safety features, including an intelligent system that automatically shuts down the transformer if temperatures exceed safe limits, markedly reducing fire risks. Helios Power's innovation represents a significant step forward in sustainable, safe, and efficient electrical power distribution.


Helios Power has developed patented high-impedance distribution transformers that address the efficiency challenge of no-load conditions. These innovative transformers significantly reduce the power drawn when not actively powering equipment, cutting losses by over 99% compared to conventional models. This advancement enhances energy efficiency, lowers costs, and supports more sustainable operations for businesses and industries reliant on electrical power.


The Helios distribution transformer excels in power distribution with its superior connectivity features, enabling seamless monitoring across extensive networks for optimal operational integrity and efficiency. It offers real-time data for implementing preventative maintenance, quickly addressing potential issues to prevent escalation. This proactive strategy not only improves safety by swiftly identifying and correcting anomalies but also ensures a stable and secure power distribution environment.


The Helios distribution transformer sets a standard in fire safety by integrating an intelligent monitoring system that tracks temperature levels. If temperatures exceed safe limits, it automatically shuts down, significantly reducing fire risks and protecting infrastructure and personnel.

Real world numbers

Explore the practical insights offered by our comparison chart, tailored for engineers seeking detailed, "real world numbers." This chart compares efficiency, connectivity, cost of operation, and safety across our products and the competition. It's designed to provide a straightforward, transparent view into how different solutions stack up in key performance areas. Download our comparison chart now for a clear, comprehensive evaluation based on real-world performance metrics.


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Join us in redefining the future of energy. Reach out today.